My life is only simulated on days that end in y

Hello Hello. No, no, don’t get up. I’d like to thank my mother, my ladie, my magical intelligent being. I’d like to thank my cuzes without whom there would be no love, actually. Such forth and so on. I was expecting a shitty break and it actaully wasn’t so bad. Almost perfect… two minor exceptions and I would have had heaven on earth. Impressive huh?

Today wasn’t so great though. It appears I’ve got mad finals… though only art and english will be a problem… i need six christmas gifts and I only have ideas for one of them. I have two large papers due… wednesday and I appear to have SARS… no just kidding about that last one. I geuss it doesn’t sound so bad, but you fail to take into account that I am one of the most gifted procrastinators you will ever meet. I swear I can put today off until tomorrow. =P

I’ve been downloading Sim skins and I currently look like Yuna from FFX. My neighbors are Spike from Cowboy Bebop and Cloud from FFVII, plus some strange biker chick and an artist. I also downloaded these two lovely teleporters and I am quite fond of them. Simply click the name of the person you want to see and voila one slightly dazed Sim wandering your house. It’s nice. See right now I should be working on one of my papers but NO… I’m either doing this or playins SIms or one of million much more intereseting things i could be doing.



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