Free Gold Bricks

A very wealthy man owned a gold mine. He had been so very blessed with riches beyond anyone’s wildest dreams that he looked upon the suffering of the people around him and felt the urge to give back some of what he had been fortunate enough to receive.

So the man loaded up a wheelbarrow with gold bricks and began walking down the road toward the next village. On the way, whenever he met someone, he would ask, “Like a free gold brick?”

Most people looked at him as though he were a mad man, shaking their heads and quickly moving along.

Some stopped and looked at the bricks, then, curious, took one and upon later examination, were pleasantly surprised to find that the bricks were, indeed, of the purest gold. Before they could take a brick, though, the man asked that they tell everyone they could about the man giving away free gold bricks. Otherwise, they were to give their brick away and come back for another. These few ALSO, were looked upon as lunatics by many of the people that they told(when they kept their word and told folks). Still, KNOWING that the bricks were gold and real, they kept on telling everyone they cared about, KNOWING that if they would just see for themselves, they wouldn’t be disappointed.

Finally there were those that doubted the bricks were free or that they were real or that the man even wanted to give them away at all. They would say, “Prove it’s real gold.” or “So what’s the catch?” or even “Tell me old man, why SHOULD I take one of these bricks? If you’re giving them away, they can’t be that valuable.”

To these, and ONLY to these, the man responded,

“I am giving these bricks away as they are. I am not a salesman, I am your brother, so I want only your happiness. If you must be convinced of the value of these bricks, then I’m afraid I cannot help. See, this gold is free, and so I cannot sell it to you. If you must be convinced before you will take one, I’m afraid you will have to sell them to yourself.”

~Dafremen (Blather)

I love you guys.

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