So it goes… So it spins

Wrote that once… all prepared to make a poem out of it. But that’s how I left it dangling precariously from lines on the page. I swirled the tip of my pen over the paper and closed the book. Opening it today, the phrase makes sense. Life goes on, perhaps a bit dull perhaps mundane and seemingly pointless. But it goes on… the World just keeps spinning. Round and round. You have good days and bad days and exciting days and dull days. Eventually they all swirl together into that thing we call life. “Life is a tale told by an idiot” ~Jhon Varley He might just be onto something. We’re all idiots to some degree or another and here we are pretending we know what to do, how to make it all work. We’re born into a world that is hard and we go about telling ourselves we can do anything. That innate and optimistic sense of hope that is born in us all. And maybe we can do anything when we’re young. Like the cartoon character who has just run off the cliff. If we don’t look down, we’ll never fall. But we do look down. We look down and it comes crashing around our ears. Maybe they should teach us that before they teach us to walk. Maybe if they taught us to keep our eyes on what we were chasing we’d go through life a little better off. Or maybe it’s not so bad to fall. As long as we take those falls like Wyle E. Coyote did. He always smashed straight through the rock. He fell hard and it hurt, we could all see those stars hover around his head. But did he give up? That rodarunner got him everytime, is still getting him and he never gives up. We all laugh at him, but maybe that cyote is onto something.


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