Love my Bro

I love my brother. I don’t see him much, but I love him. It’s not something I think of often, but I was reminded today. After classes were done I went to the mall to pay my credit cards and then to the doctors. I was humming to myself. I had just bought new pajamas and I was so happy. I pulled into the driveway and sitting there was a car. The front rims were on the ground… the tires had burned off. The metal was showing through every where but there in the midst of the peeling blacked paint on the rear of the car I noticed an Atticus bumper sticker… just like the one on my brothers car. I paused for a moment, my heart pounding. Before rushing to the house… I don’t remember opening the door, only the sound of my voice screaming his name over and over. I rushed to his room and though I could see he wasn’t there I called again. “WHERE ARE YOU???” I rushed upstairs and pounded my mom’s number into the phone… no answer. I tried her other phone… no answer. I am in tears… sobbing like a little child. I rush out to my car to try her work number and she answers, “MOMMIE!!! WHERE’S JAY???” I sob into the phone…

He is fine. I’m sitting in my driveway, lost and sobbing and he’s fine. I have never wanted to kill my brother more then I did at that moment. And I have never been more grateful in my whole life that I wasn’t an only child. I don’t say it enough and we try not to acknowledge it. But I love you Jay… Always. Forever.


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