Why does this need a title?

So I’m sitting in my room listening to I Want You by Pulp, the wind howling around the house and the rain splattering about. It’s not the best of days… not the worst of days I suppose. I fell asleep in art class while Jenny was drawing my portrait. Grand High Nelson assigned twenty four drawings this week… I geuss to make up for the ones we’ll miss over Thanksgiving. Our history test is friday and I have a paper due in english and psych. I’m so tired of it all. Getting up and going to school then coming home and trying desprately to remember all the things I’m supposed to do. And there’s always so much of it. I had a physical today and got my menengitis shot and they told me I lost six pounds… well I say no wonder. And you sit and wonder why you should even bother. Keep your room clean, make doctor’s appointments, and dentist appointments, and go get your eyes checked, wash your car, do your home work, don’t forget to eat… over and over and over. Until your head hurts and your body is sore. Is it all worth it? I haven’t even called work to get my hours. Theres just so much to do.

Maybe I should take a nap.


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