Fruit and Naked Women

Just got back from class with the Grand High Nelson and the Circle. We were doing linear perspective today. So we were all out in the hallway drawing the walls. King Jared was coronated today with a parade of fruit and naked women and the Grand High Nelson said my drawing, “Wasn’t so bad”

Do you emu? Jasmine animed us all during break. I don’t look half bad. If I can manage it I’ll try and get a picture up. My hair is killer and I’m getting a tail and horns. Karen is going to have a lion tail. Jenny gets wings. Danna has elf ears. Jasmine herself has cat ears. We all look quite lovely.

“That feels a little big” “Does it? Does it feel a little big?”

There was Vanilla Coke at break, but fear not my children for she chose the Coke Classic. I had the Vanilla Coke. >:-)

As for the rest of the day it hasn’t happened yet so I won’t try to tell you about it. I’m gonna go grab a book and make use of my bed though. If that gives you an indication.


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