Dying to Survive

Training all day again today. It’s a sad state of affairs when the sidewalks along 8th, Market and 9th begin to look like home and driving through center city ceases to be a chore. I’m even starting to not mind the traffic. Scary

At lunch I sat at the window with my bag of Party Mix and drew my second atmostpheric perspective… Nelson would be sooo proud. It’s actually not bad looking. I do have one more due before class at ten tomorrow, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Jess stopped by, watched Cradle to the Grave. Not bad… Radiation kills, but awesomely. I pulled a knife on him. That was amusing. I think he was frightened. We talked for a bit but he’s gone now.

I drew a third picture for the Grand High Nelson and I screwed about with my blog. It was a nifty orange color for a few hours tonight. I changed it back to it’s regular colors, if you didn’t notice. It didn’t look the way I wanted so I’m starting over. If you know HTML and have any ideas… feel free to comment.

It’s Tim’s Birthday. I figured I’d give that a mention. So now that it’s mentioned I’d like to bid you all adieu. I’m gonna go whip up a fourth atmospheric perspective. And an English paper. Ciao…


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